1.      If you’ve been looking through this menu, you’ll notice that democracy takes time, and that the better the democracy, the more inclusive it is, the more complex issues you can address, the more time it takes.

2.      What is noticeable from the Brexit process we’ve been engaged in for the last 2 years is that no time has been given to the British people to think about their future and the future of that country.

3.      But we want that time to let democracy breathe, and this is why Take a break from Brexit, a campaign supported by DiEM25, has launched a parliamentary petition calling for an extension of A50 for at least one year. As of January 2019, an extension of Article 50 is the only alternative to Theresa May’s government’s take-it-or-leave-it deal, and the only proposition that can realistically gather a parliamentary majority.

4.      Take a Break from Brexit is a national campaign to delay and democratize Brexit. It is promoted by the DiEM25 and by a group of British and European citizens living in all constituent nations of the UK and across most EU member states. It is made of Leavers, Remainers and citizens who didn’t vote in the 2016 referendum.

5.      Theresa May has led two years of secretive negotiations, ignoring citizens, the devolved administrations and Parliament to impose a top-down Brexit that has no support. Take a break from Brexit is campaigning to reverse the process, allowing time for a bottom-up democratic debate, organised around regional assemblies of citizens feeding into a National Convention.

6.      The campaign was launched in December 2018 during a joint launch event in London and in Stoke-on-Trent, in front of two audiences of Leavers, Remainers and citizens who did not vote. The event and the discussion that followed saw growing support for the idea that anextension paving the way to a better democratic process could bring together Leavers, Remainers and citizens who did not vote.

7.      If you want to get involved, or want to know more about the campaign, follow Take a break from Brexit on Facebook and Twitter. You can also sign and share our 38Degrees petition, as well as our parliamentary petition.

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