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– The Drill Hall, Chapel Street, St. Ives

– Monday 17th September – 6.00pm

DiEM25 open invitation letter published by Times & Echo, St. Ives Cornwall UK
July 2018
By Dhyano Angius

Dear St. Ives Times & Echo readers,

I’d like to bring to your attention that something new is in the air in town. (No, not another art exhibition, I said something NEW! 🙂 )

You probably know me as Poet Performer, Media Artist or Commedian, but here I put another hat on as I’ve just been elected part of the Creative Communication Team of the DiEM 25 UK National Collective.

‘Democracy in Europe Movement 25’ (  is a grassroots cultural/political movement funded by former Greek Finance Minister Yannis Varufakis. Among the others, Noam Chomsky and Brian Eno are part of the Coordinating Collective. The movement aims (as utopian as it may seem) nothing less than to democratise Europe by 2025. In the last couple of years the movement has opened debate around its ‘Eight Pillars’ to redress systemic crisis, around which parties from across the continent have formed the first concerted transnational campaign for a European voice in contesting the 2019 EU elections.

My next task will be to set up the first Spontaneous Democratic Collective in St. Ives and surrounding areas.

Whether you voted Leave or Remain two years ago in the EU referendum and whatever is your take on the state of the Brexit negotiations, you can’t deny that we will have to deal with Europe in the future. Being part of DiEM25 UK is possibly the only way to still have a voice in Europe beyond Brexit. it has become quite apparent that a public debate is needed as the danger of ‘media over-exposure’ is that people tend to become numb about very crucial issues. This is why I became part of DiEM25 and, I quote: “this is why DiEM25 believes in seeking every opportunity to bring together Leavers and Remainers interested in understanding each other and what we want for a better future. It’s also why we are discussing plans for a symbolic participation in the May 2019 European elections, across the UK. Because the irony is that now, two years after the referendum, some of us are beginning to have quite strong opinions about the direction in which Europe, and we as well, need to go. So if you feel like joining this conversational process of investigation to renew our democracy – please get in touch” with your contacts and I’ll send you an invite for the imminent DIEM25 St. Ives launch meeting.


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