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Castle Hotel

– 66 Oldham Street, Manchester M4 1LE

– 29th August – 7:30pm

Brexit. This single word has engulfed the nation. Our media, politics, our lives. Granted, it is the biggest political event to happen to Britain for the last 50 years and probably the foreseeable future. But what comes after? What is Britain’s future in the world? What do we want our nation to be?[KiwiClickToTweet tweet=”How do we organise as a society when the dust has settled? Join us to discuss our future Beyond Brexit – @LonDiEM25″ quote=”How do we organise ourselves as a society when the dust has settled? It doesn’t matter how you voted in 2016, what matters is how we move forward. Join DiEM25, guest speakers and your fellow citizens for a night discussing the future of Britain after Brexit.”]

Featured speakers…

Charlie Baker of Red Co-op

Self-described as an “accidental expert” In low carbon retrofit design, Charlie has been at the forefront of sustainable urban design for over 3 decades. Working with URBED on sustainable urban housing projects for 20 years, he was part of the team that designed and implemented Hulmes’ redevelopment scheme Homes for Change, a housing cooperative where members are both tenant and landlord, aiming to manage the area for common good. He has also been integral to the creation of the London Fields Co-op, Brightons’ New England quarter redevelopment and the MadLabs retrofit in Manchester.

His current aim is to prove that design can save the world, and that retrofit architecture can be technically excellent, affordable and beautiful at the same time.


Jez Hall of Participatory Budgeting Network

Jez, a long-term resident and community activist in Manchester has worked to promote Participatory Budgeting (PB) in the UK since August 2000.

As well as developing some of the first models of PB in the UK, since 2012 he’s been very involved in the UK PB Network and coordinates the social enterprise consultancy PB Partners. He has a special interest on developing the use of PB with young people. Jez has spoken at national and international conferences on PB, written many reports, toolkits and guides and contributed to published academic papers. He sits on the advisory board for the Participatory Budgeting Project, based in New York, has supported many of the recent Scottish PB initiatives, and been working since 2015 as a consultant for the World Bank on the Kenya Accountable Devolution Programme.