We are delighted to announce that DiEM25 has decided to back


DiEM25 started an internal consultation asking its members to support
TAKE A BREAK FROM BREXIT. With the voting returns now in, more than 80% of DiEM25 members have voted in favour of this proposal.
TAKE A BREAK FROM BREXIT has been formally adopted by DiEMers as the platform from which we challenge the unprecedented spectacle of a state turning on its own people.
Congratulations to all who contributed to the Forum debate and to Yanis Varoufakis
for framing THE WINNING CALL

DiEM25 has determined to support the proposition for an extension of Article 50. A general election is the appropriate arena for democratising Brexit and expanding that debate as a Peoples’ conversation. The media hegemony and the public sphere have never been further apart. We need to relieve the current government from responsibilities it is structurally ill-equipped to handle, before it collapses over the line with either a disastrous Brexit plan, or a historically catastrophic shrug of the shoulders.

With this campaign we want to bring together leavers, remainers and the many citizens who couldn’t vote in the referendum in order to build a grassroot democratic movement calling for taking back control of common sense, inclusive democracy and social justice.
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