DiEM25 Spontaneous Collectives (DSCs)

The idea of DiEM25’s Spontaneous Collectives reflects the ideas or practices of self-management and co-operatives, the Scottish Enlightenment’s notion of ‘spontaneous order’, as well as, Rick Falkvinge’s ‘swarms’, etc.

DiEM25 seeks to combine self-organisation (i.e. spontaneously occurring horizontal structures) with the vertical integration provided by the CC, the VC and the municipal/regional/national collectives. DSCs embody the movement’s self- organising dimension. Any DiEM25 members who wish to coalesce in pursuit of DiEM25’s objectives and Manifesto principles can form a DSC with minimal constraints.

DSCs are self-governing, with no need to validate their actions from the CC. Each DSC elects one or two co-ordinators, ideally male and female, who will be responsible for maintaining communication between DiEM25 at large, the other DSCs, the CC and the specific DSC.

To remain effective and flexible, experience indicates DSCs comprising 5 to 15 active members only. When a DSC reaches 16 active members, it is strongly encouraged to form a second DSC which meets in a different part of town or which works on a different issue, in order to maintain the agility of small, self-organised groups in which everyone can speak and contribute. No DSC can contain more than 50 active members.

Two types of DSCs are active:
(i) Local DSCs, founded on the basis of geographical proximity; and…
(ii) Thematic DSCs, based on their members’ common interest in the same policy area across Europe. Thematic DSCs may also be geographically specific (e.g. comprising members concerned with the Portuguese education system) or pan-European in scope (e.g. concentrating on climate change issues).

European Local DSC Directory

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Guidelines for Local DSC Activity

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DiEM25 UK DSCs as of 14 August 2018. If you aren’t on the map, let us know – info@uk.diem25.org