DiEM25 Organising Principles

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DiEM25 has a single purpose:

To promote the principles and values embodied in its Manifesto on the basis of participatory, open-source, democratic actions by members drawn to DiEM25 for this purpose.

The Organising Principles aim at helping to organise DiEM25’s work and activities in a manner consistent with DiEM25’s purpose. True to DiEM25’s commitment to unifying democrats across borders, cultures, movements, and political party affiliations, we are avoiding a federal structure and minimising centralisation in the running of DiEM25’s activities.

A single Co-ordinating Collective to co-ordinate all of DiEM25’s actions

An Advisory Panel

The Validating Council

The DiEM25 Spontaneous Collectives that act at the local, municipal and national levels

N.B. This document contains legal information. In case of inconsistency or conflict between versions of the document, the English version shall prevail over any translation.

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