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  • Lauren Harrison
  • Gabriel Popham
  • Charith Gunawardena
  • Sally Godward
  • Gary Dorken
  • Theano Antoniadou (second call)

Read DiEMUK manifesto meeting 11-04-2017

Present: volunteers on Groups and volunteer coordinators Theano (New Deal)

  • Danai Nardi (Manifesto, Alliances, Events)
  • Sally Godward (Coordination, Alliances)
  • Jo Pye (Comms)
  • Jack and John Franco (Fund Raising and Campaigning)
  • Irene (Art)
  • Monica (Alliances)
  • Gabriel (Manifesto and Campaigning, on line presence)
  • New Faces : about 30 people came to the gathering.

Read Minutes April 3 DSC London SE

Present: Danai Nardi (Chair), Gabriel Popham, Gary Dorken, Lauren Harrison, Vladimir Ko- belev, Theano Antoniadou, Vasilis Kotsidis

Absent: Patrick Carmichael, Anthony Hignett, Sally Godward, Andrew Brown, Jon Baird, Jack Franco

Read full minutes: DiEM25 UK manifesto group – Meeting Minutes – 09-03-2017

Notes on meeting of the Cambridge DSC, 2nd March 2017

The focus of the meeting was the ‘New Deal’ document, although there were some broader discussions about the Manifesto, the relationship between the Manifesto and New Deal, and the history of DIEM25 in the UK both prior to and after the Referendum, and in the run-up to the Conway Hall relaunch meeting.

Following a discussion of the New Deal document, there was a consensus around the following points:

  • DIEM25 should not be trying to establish itself as a new political party in the UK, but rather as a respected presence contributing to debates about national, regional and global issues, including the relationship between the UK and the EU.
  • While the themes identified within it are salient, the New Deal document has a number of major flaws which require not simply editing but a major rethink and rewrite. Despite its radical aspirations and title, much of what is contained represents variations on existing neoliberal agendas and approaches.
  • The document is notably lacking on discussions of democracy and participation – a commitment to ‘transparency’ is laudable but without greater participation and accountability will not enable significant changes.
  • While the document is concerned with providing support for disadvantaged individuals, communities and regions, it shies away from discussion about state intervention, renationalisation and the redistribution of wealth.
  • The position of the document on growth is ambivalent:it is not clear whether it is advocating a zero-growth approach or not. Likewise there is mention of green investment and sustainability but these are underdeveloped and it is not clear what is being advocated here.
  • The area of the document that may have potential to frame fruitful discussion is that around the phenomena of involuntary underemployment and migration and this will be the focus of our next meeting (March 16th 2017).

We concluded with a discussion about a potential role of DIEM25 in advocating for a ‘European vision’ that offers solutions that privilege local and regional sovereignty, democracy and accountability, rather than being premised on nation-states.

Summary of topics discussed:

  1. Position of Diem25 on Brexit and whether a comms to UK members is required
  2. Diem25 UK implementation structure defined at 11th February meeting following Conway Hall event, and its relationship to DSCs
  3. Naming conventions
  4. Current status of tech
  5. Current status of comms and priority comms all members
  6. Date of next meeting

Read more: Minutes of DiEM25UK Team Coordinator Meeting

Following discussions between the DiEM25 UK foundational group and International CC, a route map toward constituting the United Kingdom body via a series of meetings across the UK is now en train. Each city is integral to the process and to that end London will seek to play its role in this development. Resourcing differentials (which reflect the malaise we seek to confront as a movement) dispose the London group to responding to resource deficits elsewhere with a view to pre-figurative resolutions subject to an on-going broader dialogue. The aim is to get London to a sustainable moment whereby energy and resources may be inwardly/outwardly redistributed and transposed across the UK. It’s important to note that some of these deficits exist in London for which we will be reliant on groups outside the Capital. The objective, as it is in Belfast, Brighton, Cambridge, South Wales, Teesside, Liverpool and Nottingham, is to achieve a sustainable and productive movement on every local, regional and national level. The work we do today is about putting the London group together BUT with a strong emphasis on its integration into the evolving DiEM25 UK national grid.

DIEM25 Meeting Report – rev3

On Saturday morning, January 28, 2017, at Conway Hall in Central London, long an important place for radical religious, philosophical, social and political thinking in the UK, DiEM25 held its UK organisational launch.

Like all DiEM25 gatherings, more than half of the meeting was made up of conversations involving those attending. To set the scene and introduce some important initial ideas, the morning began with brief contributions from Brian Eno, Elif Şafak, Agnieszka Wiśniewska, Igor Stokfiszewski and, finally, Yanis Varoufakis.

Read more: DiEM25-UK: Organisational launch meeting at Conway Hall, London