Manifesto Explorer

In this election, DiEM25 UK has taken the position that we want to try and help everyone vote in a principled, rather than purely tactical, way. To help with this approach, we have built a tool to help you explore the manifestos of the different parties. Just click on one of the bubbles below to see where that word or topic has been mentioned in the manifestos. If you want to search for something else, just type any word or phrase in the box on the right. Have fun!
Note: This is best viewed on a desktop as 120,000 words are hard to render on a mobile phone.

By geirmund and DiEM25 UK, after "At the ... convention" by MIKE BOSTOCK and MATTHEW ERICSON.
What type of a democracy ... by Tim Green, used under CC BY / Desaturated from original.
A random selection of quotes from the TBC.
Click highlighted word or bubble to find quotes.