17th September from 6pm
The Gunmakers, Hatton Garden EC1R 5ET

The struggle to defend freedom of movement is now.

Shambolic Tory Brexit is turning the screws on jobs and livelihoods. However, it’s not just money and growth stats that are being gambled away. With it goes the essence of an outward-looking Britain and a progressive Europe. Freedom of movement, the human face of a too often dysfunctional European Union, is now hostage to the Brexit chaos. Can progressives defend it?

Sacrificed at the altar of so-called sovereignty, under the current government proposal the freedom to move to live in other EU countries will be lost by all British citizens and severly limited for EU citizens currently living in this country. For people who have friends and family across the continent this is particularly problematic. Whatever they may do for schools, the NHS, and 21st century Britain, they have been abandoned by the political class, left as pawns in a grubby exchange of bureaucratic privileges.

How do we move forward from here? How do we save this groundbreaking ideal from erasure, and limit the damage its loss will inflict? What can we do to counter the regressive xenophobic wave spreading through our continent?

Europe’s greatest gift to internationalism: Freedom of Movement must be defended. From idealistic success, cultural exchange, and economic prosperity, generations of Europeans have grown up understanding this freedom as integral to to the social contract. What next, now, that it – and they – are made hostage to Brexit?

Please join DiEM25 and other European progressives.

We are delighted to welcome speaker/activists:

  Dimitri Scarlato – The 3 Million

  Ana Oppenheim – Another Europe is Possible

  Andrea Pisauro – DiEM25

Pub meals and probably some pizza on offer 🙂

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