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Joining DiEM25 UK

DiEM25 UK is a regional collective of the DiEM25 transnational movement with a simple yet radical goal: to democratise Europe!

Becoming a member is completely free and will take you less than a minute.

As a member you’ll be able to:

  • participate in our actions and policy-making initiatives
  • help shape our campaigns across UK and Europe by getting involved in our internal democratic exercises
  • stay informed of our movement’s activities, including our upcoming events
  • connect with like-minded people

Ready to affect change? Let’s go!

  • Join Us

    If you haven’t already, make sure you join us on the form below, and indicate how you want to be involved.

  • Meet members in your area

    You can find other DiEM25ers in DSCs local to you. If not, we can help you form one.

  • Participate in DiEM25 UK Teams

    Take a look below for the current DiEM25 UK Teams and get involved!

The DiEM25 UK Teams

These are the DiEM25 UK Teams that are currently active. Please indicate on the form if you are interested in participating in the work involved.

The Alliances Team is working on building potential alliances, affiliations or associations between DiEM25 UK and other groups in the country.

The CEF Team is working

The Comms Team is working

The DiEM25 UK Voice is working

The Tech Team is all about infrastructure. It is about facilitating the motivations and passions of the DiEM25 UK members to attain real achievements as a movement.

Policy Development team is working on drafting a UK version/response to the DiEM25 European Manifesto.

The New Deal UK Cluster is working on drafting a UK version/response to the European New Deal; one of the six pillars of DiEM25’s Progressive Agenda for Europe.

Join DiEM25 UK

You can also use this form to update your membership information, as long as the email is the same.

The Ways We Work

We work with tools that work for us

As DiEM25 UK consists of like-minded people around the isles, we make sure that everyone can be involved wherever they are.

  • Slack is for real-time collaboration (aka chatting)
  • Trello is for managing work
  • The website is our public face

If you have chosen to participate in the DiEM25 Teams you should expect an invite to Slack and Trello. Let us know on if in a day you are still waiting.

Slack is for real-time collaboration (aka chatting)

Slack is where we meet to discuss online, and is very similar to Skype and other instant messengers. Conversations are either direct (one-on-one) or organised in channels’.

For a brief overview of how Slack works have a look at Slack’s own website.

The DiEM25 UK Slack Team (on 1 March 2017)

Trello is for managing work

Trello is where we manage tasks in a workflow from need-to-be-done, through being-done, to done. It allows us to break up work in to smaller tasks and assign them to people that are included in the particular Trello board.

For a brief overview of how Trello works have a look at Trello’s own website.

The DiEM25 UK Digital Tech Trello Board (as of 1 March 2017)

The website is our public face

The DiEM25 UK website is where the fruit of our work is presented.

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