Take A Break… and go Beyond Brexit

DiEM25 open invitation letter, by Dhyano Angius.

Dear Readers,

I’d like to bring to your attention that something new is in the air in town. In times when fragmentation in politics and in the communities has become the norm, a group of UK and (therefore) EU citizens based either in The UK or abroad, have decided to join forces and work towards highlighting the source of this damaging new form of Manicheanism: a widespread lack of democratic practise in the institutions both British and European.

DIEM25, ‘Democracy in Europe Movement 25’ (diem25.uk) is a grassroots cultural/political movement co-founded by former Greek Finance Minister Yannis Varoufakis.
The movement aims nothing less but to democratise Europe by 2025. It will do that by coordinating activists all over the continent, that among other campaigns and electoral wings, organise a plethora of local and thematic Spontaneous Collectives.
Beyond Brexit is one of them.

Whether you voted Leave or Remain two years ago in the EU referendum or you didn’t have the right to vote because too young or a EU citizen living in the UK. Whatever your take on the state of the so called “brexit negotiations” is, it’s undeniable that we will have to deal with Europe in the future.

It has now become quite apparent that a public debate is needed, as the danger of ‘media over-exposure’ is that people tend to become numb about very crucial issues. This is why DiEM25 believes in seeking every opportunity to bring together Leavers and Remainers interested in understanding each other and what we want for a better future. It’s also why we are discussing plans for a symbolic participation in the May 2019 European elections, across the UK, and why we support the #takeabreakfrombrexit campaign. Because the irony is that now, two years after the referendum, some of us are beginning to have quite strong opinions about the direction in which Europe, and we as well, need to go. So if you feel like joining this conversational process of investigation to renew our democracy please get in touch through our website and we’ll send you an invite to the next public meeting near you.

DiEM25 – Beyond Brexit

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