Progressive Agenda for Europe – The Eight Pillars

Progressive Agenda for Europe

In February 2017 we agreed our manifesto, which defined what we want to achieve as DiEM25: a truly democratic, transparent, pluralist, social, sustainable Europe by 2025.

Now it’s time for us to lay out the concrete policy proposals that will get us there. We call this our Progressive Agenda for Europe, and we need your help to build it!

Our Agenda is a collection of six papers, one on each of our pillars: Transparency, Refugees and Migration, the European New Deal, Labour, Green Investment and A European Constitution. These will be developed in a truly bottom-up, grassroots effort involving all our members across Europe in collaboration with a panel of experts and ultimately approved in a democratic exercise on our website.

Our Agenda will be the cornerstone of our work: defining what we will push our politicians for, what our campaigns will be based on, which political parties we will support or endorse, or what kind of political forms we will take – at EU, national, regional and municipal level – as our Agenda seeks ways to express itself across Europe.

We are already well advanced on the content for the first two papers (‘Transparency’ and ‘Refugees and Migration’), thanks to the two Assemblies on those challenges that we held in Rome and Vienna in March and May 2016. In parallel with developing these two papers, we need to start working on our third: ‘The European New Deal’. We will be holding an Assembly to discuss this paper publicly next spring in Paris (see process below).

So that means for this phase, we’ll be working on three papers at the same time.

Our goal is to have all three papers – half of our Agenda – finalised and approved by April 2017.

Ambitious? Yes! Achievable? Absolutely.

Let’s go…

DiEM25 is developing common whitepapers for the eight pillars of our agenda:

1. Transparency: Introducing transparent government across Europe

2. Refugees and Migration

3. The European New Deal: Rationalising Europe’s economy

4. Labour: Labour, technology, employment and the distribution of income, beyond the capital-labour contract, basic income

5. Ecological Transition: Imagining a post-capitalist economic and social model

6. A European Constitution: Imagining a democratic pan-European constitution and the process that may lead to it

7. Technological Sovereignty: Democratising technology and innovation

8. Vision for Culture

Each whitepaper is created with the input of all of DiEM25’s members as well as a range of experts in the field.

The Whitepaper Process

Qs 14%
DiEM25 members and expert committee receive questions for discussion
Draft Proposals 28%
DiEM25 members and expert committee draft proposals
1st Green Paper 43%
All proposals integrated into 1st Green Paper
2nd Green Paper 57%
DiEM25 members give comments; intergrated into 2nd Green Paper
Amendments at Assembly 71%
DiEM25 members give amendments at assembly
3rd Green Paper 85%
All proposals integrated into 3rd Green Paper
Vote… White Paper 100%
DiEM25 Members Vote; if approved - a White Paper is born