Statement in Support of Striking Cleaners at LSE

DiEM25 UK stands in resolute and unflinching solidarity with the striking cleaners and the United Voices of the World Union at the London School of Economics.

It is simply unacceptable that the very people who keep the LSE running on a day to day basis live in such precarious conditions. Despite a turnover of £300 million, LSE has decided to economise on the basic rights and conditions of its cleaners, effectively condemning them to an unsustainable life in London.

Anyone who has lived in our capital will understand the impossibility of surviving on £9.75 an hour, with no pay for the first three sick days, and only £17.87 per day any other days missed. In this current climate of relentless austerity, those running the most basic services remain those most at risk – all of us at DiEM25 UK support the continuing daily struggle for the rights and conditions of basic workers.

DiEM25 UK condemns the exploitative practices employed by the firm Noonan against its employees – a firm that refuses, alongside the LSE, to guarantee employment rights that those directly employed by the university enjoy.

This story is representative of the struggles modern Britain faces at this very moment – it is a struggle which is no doubt replicated all across Europe, and one with which DiEM25 is keen to stand shoulder to shoulder. The concessions offered so far by the LSE are simply not enough: UVW demand parity of terms with other LSE cleaners along with the basic dignity and respect each and every worker is entitled to. DiEM25 UK stands firm in solidarity with the striking cleaners at LSE until their demands are met in full.

Carpe DiEM!
DiEM25 UK on behalf of the wider DiEM25 movement.