How We Work

DiEM25 UK NC Clusters

The National Collective is organised into clusters designed with the logic of grassroots movements informing structure.

Supported by ex-officio volunteers, the NC convenes fortnightly via video-conferences to address the priority agenda items producing action points which are resolved within each meeting cycle for procedural and organisational issues.

Twice annually, we come together in physical meetings hosted by Local DSCs, accompanied by workshops and a social.

Practices and processes are informed by those adopted by our membership – for the membership.

The Ground Organisers support DiEMers in developing projects and making campaigning fun and effective. Whenever and wherever DiEMers come together in the communities, regions, online or for social events, we do so to discuss, build and promote transformative policies that have its creators woven into the democratic fabric.

The Policy and Alliances collective are forging the relationships and affiliations with movements, trade unions and grass-roots campaigns that deepen our solidarity links and allow us to present a cohesive vision to the wider consciousness. Integral to this is the massive undertaking for streamlining the processes and practices of policy production. For DiEM25 this is fundamentally underwritten by our membership who deliberate and author policy using our democratic infrastructure.

Campaigns and Events want to empower you to work your proposals up into meetings, discussion groups, community action and periodic set-piece events. These are designed by you and inspired by the campaigns that we support on the European level, and those that we develop and encourage in our communities. The NC seats on this collective are actively working with you to get your proposals and designs mobilised and productive.

Creative Communications has the responsibility for making us visible, coherent and acessible as a movement and an organisation, ensuring that the output of our membership in policy production, local, regional and European campaigns has an elevated presence in the public sphere. Progressive narratives must penetrate a reflexive and reactionary media cycle wall by harnessing the creative synthesis generated you and your friends in the collectives. We are implementing a comprehensive and comprehensible digital canvas for DiEMistas to spontaneously express your story, experience and vision upon. A vast and amazing progressive universal agenda has been developed and we have the all the raw materials to get creative with it. Fundamental to that is us, in synthesis, playing with it and teasing into a wider consciousness.

Our ex-officio Finance and Legal collective have undertaken to identify and initiate the legal structure from which we can establish a legal personage and, therefore, a footing for financial integration. With these questions resolved it will establish the parameters and processes for ongoing governance. A cyclical fundraising and disbursement relation will then become viable, contributing to the delivery of your projects and initiatives.

Leavers and Remainers have been polarised by an insidious campaign of stigmatisation and villification authored by ideologues, foreign policy players, corporate and oligarchic interests. Our interests have been cynically neglected by our leaders – not that we expected much from them in any case. The time is past due for a reconcilation and recovergence eschewing the false values and disenfranchisement of the most vulnerable and exposed across the post-Brexit landscape.

The British-European New Deal Adaptation cluster is working on drafting a UK response to the European New Deal, adapting it to post-Brexit projections.

DiEMVoice is the pan-European arts strand that rearticulates philosophy and experience into cultural expression – energising and synthesising our progressive vision and the fruits of our work in the wider consciousness.

Our Digital Toolkit

We work with tools that work for us

From Shetland to the Scillies, DiEM25 UK consists of progressive-minded people building links spanning our isles and connecting us across the continent. No one is remote; we draw together online, and consolidate everywhere.

We would like to introduce you to some of the machinery which makes this possible, and to invite you to embrace it. The tools have been chosen for their simplicity and accessibility and we will give you every support in making them your own in the form of wikis and workshops.

The website is our public face

The DiEM25 UK website has the reciprocating function of showcasing the product of our efforts and presenting the experience, joy and commitment of DiEMers.

It also serves as a portal for members to climb inside, meet new friends and to collaborate on your own projects.

Every week there are green papers and policy papers for your interventions and comment, along with organisational and ethical decisions to be made which affect how we build and solidify around our agenda.

Integral to thisis the democratic infrasctucture we have developed for presenting our prefigurative politics to a wider consciousness.

Zoom is for online meetings

We use Zoom to meet online.

Zoom will most likely download a client automatically when you first join a meeting but it also has clients that can be downloaded for your desktop or mobile devices.

For a brief overview of how Zoom works have a look at Zoom’s video tuorials.

Loomio is for real-time collaboration and deliberation

Loomio is where we come to together to make things happen. Proposals can be made, ideas bounced back and forth until a proposal takes shape.

Plato cautioned that democracy is never static, and is contingent on sound informed evaluations. This is reflected in Loomio. The shaping of proposals is facilitated through Loomio’s fluid deliberative capability.

>> A proposition is made and submitted to the collective
>> A show of hands is called for which is represented graphically
>> Responses can be in the affirmative, negative, an abstention, or a block
>> An abstention can be interpreted as a request for more information and later be revised one way or the other. The graph gives an immediate visual cue to the general feeling, and can swing according to revised votes and new information.

Conversations are either direct (one-on-one) or organised in channels.

Loomio can be accessed in a web browser to become an online home for your crew… You can effortlessly sign up on Loomio’s dashboard to discover it for yourself.
For an instructive overview of how it works and how you can make it work for your collective, visit the Loomio School.

Loomio during trials

Trello is for managing work

Trello is where we manage tasks in a workflow from need-to-be-done, through being-done, to done. It allows us to break up work in to smaller tasks and assign them to people that are included in the particular Trello board.

Trello can be accessed in a web browser but also has clients that can be downloaded for your desktop or mobile devices.

For a brief overview of how Trello works have a look at Trello’s own website.

The DiEM25 UK Digital Tech Trello Board

Mautic is our CRM

Mautic is our ‘Customer Relationship Management’ tool. It allows you to register, and DiEM25UK to manage the member base, through engagement metrics and email campaigns.

For an introduction to Mautic, have a look at Jonny’s tiny take.

Canva is our quick-turnaround
image generator

Canva is a stripped back but highly capable online app for creating lush social media graphics and for producing flyers and print materials.

It’s greatest virtue lies in how it opens up the possibility for simple and fluid collaboration in producing imagery very quickly.

You’ll find social media templates from which content may be generated as quickly as your ideas flow.

Further down on this page you will find our dropbox archive from which you can access imagery and branding templates to incorporate within your composition.

Support will be available at …. and you can access the FAQ here…

Dropbox is our library

Our image, video and PDF storage requirements are satisfied by this accessible archive ready to be augmented by you.