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Take a Break from Brexit: Petition to extend A.50 – An Invitation to Democracy

The UK’s Withdrawal agreement, now demands that MPs take the next, historical step – the most important for this generation of citizens.

Now is the time for courageous politics, and for constituent representatives to rise above the internal-domestic conflict which has characterised the Brexit process so far.

A no-deal is not the only alternative to the government’s deal. An extension of article 50 is a concrete possibility to reopen a space of democratic debate.

Oppose the agreement on 11th December. By doing so, and supporting an extension to the negotiating process, all UK citizens can be heard and represented.

The referendum has engaged an unprecedented number of individuals, many of whom claimed no previous interest in politics. MPs have an historic opportunity to be guardians of that suffrage, as they should always be.

If MPs take this opportunity to act with integrity, and rise above personal agenda and ambition, credibility and trust will return to our Parliamentary and legislative process.

Oppose the agreement and provide the space for democratic debate and discourse.

Join us at the campaign launch events to start that process:

12th December, 6.30pm at St George-the-Martyr Church, Holborn, London

15th December, 6.30pm at Cultural Squatters #bekind, Stoke-on-Trent